Hello September.

Lianne Marissa

…And just like that summer was gone

*cries into pillow*

First things first, where did the summer go!? Or rather more accurately, why did it never arrive here in the UK?

I’m having a hard time getting my head around the fact that we’re descending into the colder months… especially because traditionally, or rather in the last few years, September has been quite nice. Not this year.

Whilst I love summer and will forever be a sunshine worshipping, bikini loving, beach bum. I actually really like Autumn. Doesn’t the turn of September feel like a new year to anyone else? To me it feels like a second January.

AND I am most definitely that person that starts planning for Halloween on the first of September!

IMG_2188.JPG Last year’s effort 

Anyway, here are three things that I’m looking forward to this month:

Pumpkin spiced lattes

They just scream Autumn. For me as…

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